How we work

The graceful, balletic movement of flocks of birds or schools of fish is an amazing thing to behold.  It demonstrates the power of communication. Large groups work together, moving in hypnotizing unison, twisting and turning with remarkable precision, out- maneuvering much larger adversaries. The group becomes an agile and imposing force that’s difficult to penetrate and defeat.

At Collective Motion, we harness the power of a networked marketing community to help brands outcompete. A custom-built team of specialized marketing communications experts connect to create integrated strategies and campaigns that move brands as one body, creating greater share of mind and market.

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What we believe

Principles don’t mean anything until they cost you something.
Here are the values that unite and drive the people at Collective Motion.

Embrace the underdog.

When somebody doubts your ability to succeed and it feels like you’re on a mission to prove them wrong, there’s little that can stop you

Data-driven, creatively inspired

Data can inform but does not dictate decision making. We still need to craft a compelling story

Let the customer lead

A well-defined brand drives effectiveness and efficiency. Leveraging emotion is key to driving behaviour and long term customer value

Doing Good, Works.

We want to help good clients by doing good work to make the world a better place