Zero Skincare: Market Launch

Zero by Skin Academy

Defining and launching a new skincare brand.

Client Need

Zero by Skin Academy is a new skincare brand from the UK that is based on all natural and vegan ingredients.  One of its first distribution deals Zero achieved globally was with Shoppers Drug Mart, where it was launching in 900 stores. But, Zero didn’t yet have a brand story.  There was a name, logo and packaging but no visual identity, language or creative assets to support the important launch. Following a competitive process, Zero selected Collective Motion to play the lead role in developing the new brand story and activation plan.

The Approach

The launch date was summer 2020. But with the pandemic bearing down on the world there was a clear opportunity for an all natural skincare brand.  The world went on pause and people saw nature start to re-emerge. The creative was built on the insight that the pandemic caused people to pause and reflect on their priorities in life, including how they treated themselves and the planet. 

Zero, with it's all-natural ingredients and sustainable packaging, represents a "Clean Slate" for your skin - a chance to revert to a more natural skincare regimen that reflects a new normal that people are choosing to define for themselves.

The digital marketing strategy relied on using  a sophisticated data model identifying the postal codes to target  the  highest prospective  consumers living within close proximity to SDM.  The campaign also layered in media that zeroed in on consumer sentiment and social conversations relating to skincare, harnessing sophisticated digital technology to drive behaviour.  This precise targeting is complemented by high impact placements like site takeovers of Lainey Gossip, The Loop and Canal Vie. Lastly, the campaign will be supported by an integrated SDM shopper marketing promotion, featuring in-store POS and digital marketing support on SDM owned channels.

The Outcome

Launching and getting people to try a new brand in a crisis presented a huge challenge. Nonetheless, the campaign has delivered over 8 million, highly targeted impressions with CTR's exceeding our initial estimates show that the audience is highly engaged with this new product line.  What’s more, the new brand campaign will be carried forward to international markets, like the UK and Australia.

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