Campisi Law: Rebrand and Inbound Lead Strategy

Client Need

Hiring a personal injury lawyer isn’t something anybody wants to contemplate, until something bad happens. But, anything can happen to anyone at any time. 

Finding victims of accidents poses a huge targeting challenge.  Campisi Personal Injury Law needed to refine the quality and quantity of leads, despite the targeting challenges, and asked the  Collective Motion team to help.  They needed to first redefine their brand story, then increase the number, and quality, of inbound leads from people who had met misfortune.

The Approach

The first order of business was to update the Campisi brand. The client wanted us to articulate Campisi’s “why?” so we interviewed clients to better understand their journey and hear first hand why they chose the firm for the most important fight of their lives. We also looked at the competition who dominate the airwaves boasting about their toughness and ability to deliver justice. 

For the Campisi brand, we took a different tact. Clients appreciate Campisi because of their level of caring, as it relates to winning the case, but also caring for client’s health and wellbeing. Caring is how Campisi wins.  We articulated this brand insight with the tagline “Champions with heart” because it neatly captures both aspects of what it means to be caring.

From there, we built out a new brand identity, including video, and created a cleaner website using Hubspot.  The website is one of the primary sources of leads for Campisi Law; therefore, we updated the site architecture and content optimized for search.  We also built on their focus to help and enable personal injury accident survivors to build out a content strategy and plan to enable and inform people as they search for information.

We focused the marketing budget on search engine marketing, employing highly targeted keywords and media buys to locate victims and their families at the moment when they are in the most urgent need of support, knowing that those who have suffered from injury will need representation that will fight tirelessly to obtain the compensation they need to overcome unfortunate circumstances.

The Outcome

Since we launched the new brand, website and performance media program, Campisi has seen a steady increase in  lead quality each and every month. Both the number and quality of the leads has increased, and more people have the benefit of working with a team that possesses the heart of a champion in their corner.


"Collective Motion is a reliable, innovative and responsive partner that’s helped Campisi grow its brand and digital presence."

Cesar Carranza, Campisi

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