Phase5: Marketing marketing services


Phase5 is a market research firm that helps clients develop and implement successful customer-centric strategies and achieve business results around Innovation, Digital and User/Customer Experience. The 30 year old organization saw an opportunity to get more leads, conversions, and revenue from its existing business development resources (which included a website, a CRM tool, and a visionary senior leader with strong business relationships). When the pandemic hit, this opportunity became more of an urgent need as all plans for in-person business development had to be re-imagined.


After an audit of Phase 5’s existing site, content, assets, and tools, and discussion and definition of Phase 5’s target customer and business goals, Collective Motion developed a plan to effectively reach and engage high quality leads in order to build relationships over time that would ultimately generate new business for the firm. Key success factors of this plan included:

- Identifying, planning, and creating engaging original content

- Building a cadence of cross-channel communications to both prospects and clients

- Becoming experts with Phase 5’s CRM tool, leveraging all capabilities to maximize ROI

- Collaboration and trust – between Phase 5 and Collective Motion

Based on the approved strategy, Collective Motion took the lead on execution, including content planning and generation (short and long form), SEO support, campaign development, and performance monitoring & measurement to ensure continuous improvement over time.


During their first year of working together with Collective Motion, Phase 5 saw increases in:

- Site Traffic: average quarterly increase of +15% in 2020

- Engagement: 34x social interactions vs prior year; average monthly email OR of 28%

- Contacts: +86% vs LY in digital channels

As well, the firm attributes a 10%+ lift in new business to the above digital marketing strategy.

“I knew we had untapped resources and opportunities, but struggled to get traction internally in order to take advantage of them. Working with the Collective Motion team has enabled me to move from having a vision to realizing that vision, especially in terms of how to strategically leverage my CRM and SEO tools, and drive actual business results.”

Stephan Sigaud, EVP Marketing and Development, Phase 5

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