Driving Inbound Leads for Geotab

Client Need

Geotab is a global leader in the telematics, or connected vehicles industry. Geotab’s technology solution helps commercial fleet owners make better decisions about how to manage their resources by supplying a steady stream of data relating each vehicle's whereabouts, performance and behavior. Geotab is also a sustainability leader,  speeding the adoption of commercial fleet electrification. By supplying fleet operators EV vehicle performance data, they can effectively and responsibly make the transition to a more sustainable fleet operation. 

Geotab’s business goal was assert its market leadership and unrivalled EV data to increase awareness and drive new leads across Europe and North America amongst commercial fleet owners ready to initiate a transition to a more sustainable future.

The Approach

Collective Motion was tasked with building an integrated digital campaign that could be adapted for global markets.  Our role included quarterbacking a channel strategy that was integrated across customer touchpoints, including paid, earned and owned media. We created a blueprint for the optimal customer journey, which clearly outlined how all of the tactics, which included paid social media, email awareness and drip campaigns, PR and industry events could all feed the funnel to produce marketing qualified leads. 

From a creative standpoint, our campaign celebrated Geotab’s leadership in the space, following the company achieving an important milestone of covering 100 EVs with its telematics solution.  The campaign creative knitted together a compelling Geotab message that solidified the fact that Geotab was head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to the electrification of fleets.

The Outcome

The first market to roll out the campaign strategy was France where the campaign generated we obtained a total of 59 marketing and sales qualified leads in just eight weeks. This campaign also allowed Geotab to reach our second main goal: increase the brand awareness in the EV field in France. The campaign strategy is now rolling out in other Geotab markets around the globe.

“Geotab is experiencing remarkable growth, and we rely on the Collective Motion team’s strategic minds and creative eye to deliver ideas that can be scaled globally.”
  • Carrie Lepage, Vice President Marketing, Geotab

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